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You Can Finally Build a Virtual Phone Systems within Minutes,
Without Any Technical Knowledge, 
and save up to 90% of your Telecommunication expenses
(Starting at 49 Shekels a Month)

The virtual PBX was developed especially for you, so you won’t have to deal with complicated, limited equipment that increases your communication expenses.
Setting up the virtual phone system is such a simple process, that all you need is a computer and an Internet connection. There’s no need to have any prior knowledge in order to set up an entire phone system. You can finish the simple process within minutes and start using the virtual phone system.
This is your platform – small or large, new or veteran business – to create smart communication across the country and the world.

Install a Virtual Phone System on Your Own (No Tech Knowledge Needed)

That’s exactly what we had in mind when we created, a user friendly virtual phone system, that saves you money and time, and doesn’t require technical knowledge – because it’s critical that you can manage the phone system yourself, and make whatever changes you want, whenever you want.
The phone system’s interface isn’t only easy to use. It’s fun to use, too, just like a computer game. You drag and drop blocks and connect them with wires on your screen. With a click of a button, you can connect multiple extensions (smartphones, landline phones, tablets and computers), no matter where they’re located in the world. You can also create voice menus, define hours to receive calls, enable voice mails, SMS notifications in real time, waiting in line, music or ads for those waiting, and so much more.


Talk to the Entire World at the Price of a Local Call

VPBX lets you choose virtual phone numbers in over 1,000 cities worldwide, including toll-free numbers. Using the interface, you can connect these virtual phone numbers to the smartphones, landline phones, tablets and computers that you already have, and talk to the entire world at the price of a local call.


Keep Talking Even During Power Outages and Technical Communication Challenges

Our virtual phone system is located in the cloud, and it’s connected to a variety of local and international Internet, phone and cellular network providers across the world, to ensure that you can keep making and receiving calls even during power outages and technical communication challenges.
Similarly, our servers are located around the word in order to provide you with the best call quality, no matter where in the world you are or which destination is on the other end of the line.


Enjoy the Success Secrets of Uber, Shiluach, Mimoona and Rambam Hospital

Our virtual phone system is already making communication processes easier for Uber, Mimoona, Shiluach, Rambam Hospital and many other businesses.
Now it’s your turn to enjoy the same secret tool. is a revolutionary virtual phone system, with flexible functions, that adjusts itself to the needs of businesses that are growing toward the future.


Get a Fair Price (Starting at 49 Shekels a Month) and a Quality Service that Prioritizes Your Needs

Helping your business grow is important to us. That’s why we made sure the virtual phone system won’t only be easy to use, flexible and reliable, but also at a fair price. Starting at 49 shekels a month, you get a virtual phone number from over 65 countries, and get the virtual phone system with all its functions, and get full technical support at a very high quality, so that you’ll never be alone. That’s what we’re here for.
We answer all your questions patiently and joyfully, and make sure that you know the best solutions for your specific situation.
And all this – without long term commitments or having to deal with multiple suppliers for one solutions, but with a massive savings value of thousands of shekels a year on your communication needs.

Want a reliable, efficient phone service at a fair price?
we’ll help you adjust the virtual phone systems to your needs,

So you too can make your business efficient
and decrease your telecommunication bills.


Contact us today 077-22-33333

Customers Enjoy our Virtual PBX Phone System


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