Order Local Number Extension in: 

National, Hong Kong (prefix: 852-3)

Plus you get a Complete Virtual PBX Phone System
With everything you need:

  • Inbound worldwide calls or Hong Kong local call
  • Outbound any number around the globe
  • Unlimited Voice Menu Extensions
  • Unlimited Voicemail boxes
  • Unlimited Conference rooms
  • Unlimited Call Queues and Members
  • Unlimited Multi Time Zone Time Routers
  • Unlimited Call Recording
  • Unlimited Real Time SMS/Email Notifications
  • Unlimited Text to Speech or pre-recorded Audio messages
  • Unlimited Music On Hold playlists
  • Unlimited Routing by Caller ID entries

For a full list of our virtual PBX feature set, please visit PBX Features page.

For Land line and Mobile call forwarding destination, see our rates here.

Monthly Price: 89.00 ₪
Setup Fee: 49.00 ₪
Virtual PBX: 0 ₪

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